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A house of Umbrella - Supplying stylish as well as long-lasting umbrellas worldwide. 

About Us

Working with the concepts of innovation, quality and economy, Speck Umbrella is a major company that strives to supply you with the perfect array of umbrellas, and allied. We always work to bring new, innovative products to the market. We have a simple mission - to be the preferred umbrella company in the global marketplace. There is a mix of UV protection, wind resilience technology, quality fabrics, and unique shapes. Also, we do the best to help you select the perfect umbrellas for your home or business. They are suited for everyday use, special occasion, or as a gift. Our team will always performs the best to support you find the right product. Additionally, we provide custom made umbrellas for your special need. Our comprehensive range includes: Single Fold Umbrella, Two Fold Umbrella, Wooden Handle Umbrella, Ladies Umbrella, Golf Umbrella, Garden Beach Umbrella, and Umbrella for Promotional Activities

A concise explanation of Umbrella

An umbrella is a folding canopy supported by metal spokes or wooden spokes, which is mounted on a metal, wooden or plastic pole. It is designed to provide protection against rain or sunlight. Umbrella canopies can be prepared of flexible plastic or fabric. They are portable, hand-held devices made for personal use. And large hand-portable canopies are golf umbrellas. There are basically two categories of umbrellas: fully collapsible umbrellas and non-collapsible umbrellas. Also, they are available in a range of quality points and price. There are umbrellas for various purposes, such as for homes, street scenes, patio tables, sunny beach, outdoor furniture, and more.

Our Core Competencies

It is the expertise, cooperation of professionals and up-to-date facilities that enable us run efficient business activities in the marketplace. We work with the industry set norms and experts' guidelines, so that the best is achieved. Some of our core competencies are:
  • Focus on customers' needs and ideas
  • Use of latest technologies and finest inputs
  • Ethical trade practices
  • Custom-design solution for unique needs of the clients
  • Dedication towards excellence, innovation and integration.    


Our dedication binds us to perform a thorough, innovative and cost-effective work to design as well as manufacture a perfect line of Umbrella, for various needs and purposes. There is a mix of core manufacturing techniques, graded materials and excellent craftsmanship. Also, current trends of the market and global norms are followed effectively. Stringent quality control measures are there, so as to ensure the fineness of products. They are designed on the grounds of quality, functionality and easy use.  We continually work for better products and improved services. 

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